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Yan WenYan Wen used to live ther e and still planning on gong back 06/29/2013
safiaJeesafiaJee 05/13/2013
Lars  Gunnar Gardo Lars Gunnar Gardo Going to Niamey this sumer 05/04/2013
V℮ronika JorchV℮ronika Jorch J'aime bien le Niger!!! 09/14/2011
Maral ShahiMaral Shahi 10/15/2013
Danny NieDanny Nie I am now working in Niamey 01/09/2014
mohamed Diamballa Adammohamed Diamballa Adam meet people 08/08/2013
THOMAS.BornTHOMAS.Born je suis été là! 01/03/2014


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Woud you please add Niger to my world map?Kendrick Kaufman-  04/17/2014
Couch for me and friend!!Adoté Ben ANKRAH-  10/29/2013
One photo taken in Niger can make our love story unforgetable!Maral Shahi3  10/25/2013
ALGERIAN CS INVASION : DZAIRUSH 2013safiaJee-  05/15/2013
tro tro in NiameyLars Gunnar Gardo-  05/04/2013
Share Niger with the world, BE A PART OF THE MEANWHILE MOVIE MAKING PROJECT !!!Clément Elbaz-  04/29/2013
Niger ExperienceFrazer McFadyen-  03/30/2013
greetings niger! do you like reggae?mega.g-  03/13/2013
Dinner this evening?Malachy Harty-  01/29/2013
Sahara Dreaming - Fevrier 2013Moustafa Cheaiteli-  09/28/2012
UNITING AFRICA TOURSerena Bhatia-  07/31/2012
Need helpHamza Jrad1  06/09/2012
Listen and relax ;) What do you think??miguelxestrada-  11/08/2011
Trip in Niger for the Gerewol/Cure Salée end of September- Tour au Niger pour le Gerewol/Cure Salée fin SeptembreLeonardo Francesco Paoluzzi2  09/19/2011
flag counterHeinric van Vlokhoven-  08/31/2011
Hitchhiking around world- need infoKrzysztof Filipiak1  08/02/2011
Postcards for my dear old aunt's birthday :)Adam Pervez1  03/07/2011
Off the Path Travel Data Base in Niger!Augustin MARCK-  12/05/2010
I need your help to make someone's day! :)Danae Antoniadi-  11/02/2010
important newspaper in nigerSoso -  12/01/2009
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