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This is a group for all Surfers from Meerbusch and people interested in surfing a couch in Meerbusch. Come join us!

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Created: Sep 10, 2007
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LauroCraft LauroCraft moderator I grew up in Meerbusch and return frequently 09/10/2007
MUEHLENB MUEHLENB moderator I grew up here 03/20/2008
HACKMACHACKMAC moderator 03/28/2008
Nicole Weppler Nicole Weppler moderator I grew up in Meerbusch 03/22/2008
FabioPrince LukeFabioPrince Luke I like this city 06/19/2013
Wilson da SilvaWilson da Silva cs meeting! 02/19/2012
Bärbel StegemannBärbel Stegemann 05/22/2012
Jean BarcaJean Barca 09/17/2012


Meerbusch give a ride to the Airport DUS26

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131th CS MeetingMichaela Rütten-  04/06/2014
130th Couchsurfing meetingMichaela Rütten-  03/15/2014
129th Cs meeting DüsseldorfMichaela Rütten-  01/28/2014
128th CS Meeting DüsseldorfMichaela Rütten-  01/14/2014
Couchsurfing Christmas Dinner at Mekong Düsseldorf 127th MeetingMichaela Rütten-  12/12/2013
125th CS Meeting DüssedorfMichaela Rütten-  11/05/2013
115th Cs Meeting DüsseldorfWilson da Silva-  07/31/2013
114th Cs Meeting DüsseldorfWilson da Silva-  07/15/2013
113th CS Meeting Party in DüsseldorfMichaela Rütten-  06/30/2013
112th CS Meeting DüsseldorfMichaela Rütten-  06/11/2013
111th Couchsurfing Meeting in DüsseldorfWilson da Silva-  05/27/2013
110th Couchsurfing meeting DüsseldorfMichaela Rütten-  05/06/2013
109th CS MEETING DÜSSELDORF - TIR NA NOG Irish PubWilson da Silva-  04/30/2013
109th CS MEETING DÜSSELDORFWilson da Silva-  04/26/2013
107th CS MEETING DÜSSELDORFWilson da Silva-  03/29/2013
107th CS MEETING DÜSSELDORFWilson da Silva-  03/29/2013
106th Cs meeting DüsseldorfMichaela Rütten-  03/18/2013
105th CS Meeting DüsseldorfWilson da Silva-  03/04/2013
104th CS Meeting DüsseldorfWilson da Silva-  02/19/2013
103rd CS Meeting DüsseldorfWilson da Silva-  01/26/2013
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