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This is a group for all those who appreciate beautiful Marin County, California; also for Marin-based couch surfers to get to know each other.

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Created: Sep 11, 2007
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Catherine John Catherine John moderator 09/11/2007
AMYPRISAMYPRIS moderator 09/11/2007
Rich Rusdorf and Kathi Beyers Rich Rusdorf and Kathi Beyers moderator I live in San Rafael 04/29/2008
Mara MayockMara Mayock I'm from Marin County 11/03/2013
Benlyamani HajjajBenlyamani Hajjaj i want to invite surfers to enjoy surf spots in morocco 08/31/2010
Roger Rose Roger Rose I live/love Marin 04/13/2012
MATTLO MATTLO Living in Fairfax! 02/01/2012
Gabrielle RochaGabrielle Rocha I just moved to Marin 08/27/2012


Lyft Drivers of San Francisco11


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Poll: Monthly North Bay Meetup?mjisanomad8  08/01/2011

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marin county in NovemberCrapeyDakes-  09/28/2011
25th Sept - Bolinas Meetup!M.J. De La Cruz1  09/24/2011
Mill Valley-Yosemite 24th/25th of SeptemberMangalari6  09/21/2011
CouchCrashSF: 3rd Sunday Potluck @ Alamo SquareKaren_KDT42-  09/17/2011
CouchCrashSF: Golden Gate Bridge WalkM.J. De La Cruz2  09/17/2011
COUCHCRASHSF needs Hosts!Karen_KDT42-  08/31/2011
3rd September - Golden Gate Bridge WalkM.J. De La Cruz-  08/30/2011
Sade Concert. Oakland Coliseum 8/27Massaran Sidibe-  08/24/2011
20th August - Golden Gate Bridge WalkM.J. De La Cruz-  08/14/2011
New To Marin, Looking to Mission!Steve Rogers5  08/12/2011
14th August - FUSION @ Moylans in NovatoM.J. De La Cruz1  08/11/2011
6th August - Golden Gate Bridge WalkM.J. De La Cruz-  08/02/2011
ROVING! Underground @ Tope - 8/3M.J. De La Cruz-  07/31/2011
*Special* 30th July - Golden Gate Bridge WalkM.J. De La Cruz-  07/27/2011
*Special* 23rd July - Golden Gate Bridge WalkM.J. De La Cruz-  07/20/2011
THIS SUNDAY! 3rd Sunday Potluck @ Dolores Park (2pm)Karen_KDT42-  07/16/2011
16th July - Golden Gate Bridge WalkM.J. De La Cruz-  07/11/2011
***Please Respond***M.J. De La Cruz-  07/05/2011
★☆★ 3rd Anniversary! Underground @ El Rio - Wed July 6th - 7pm ★☆★Hikecrazy-  07/03/2011
Need A Ride From Marin County (SR central) to SF downtown tomorrowMassaran Sidibe-  07/03/2011
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