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anyone who wants sustainable change in thier community. By uniting our voices we can stand up against big business and the goverment. Key issue: climate change, air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, land protection, education, lifstlye choices and purchase behaviour.

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Created: Apr 1, 2005
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Luke MadoniaLuke Madonia moderator 04/01/2005
Bartek Krzewinski Bartek Krzewinski I'm one 03/24/2008
Matias MenneskebarnMatias Menneskebarn 07/09/2011
Bea TrewickBea Trewick 05/25/2012
youJulieyouJulie I am a treehuger :) 01/28/2014
Darek BuczkowskiDarek Buczkowski 10/07/2013
Ines  Hinze GarciaInes Hinze Garcia 02/16/2014


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