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Nessie3 Nessie3 moderator To host, and to meet other members 01/25/2008
Steve WrightSteve Wright moderator Hokkaido is my idea of paradise 09/21/2007
Taylor Read Taylor Read I live in Ezo and would love to show travelers my home! 01/17/2013
Nobuko ItoNobuko Ito Living in Abashiri, Hokkaido~~~near Shiretoko 05/30/2011
Naoko FujitaNaoko Fujita i like hokkaido and am going there in june 2014. 02/23/2014
Tamy_37Tamy_37 I live in Hokkaido 07/26/2013
Moet ItohMoet Itoh 04/19/2013
WENWEN WENWEN Coming to Hokkaido 04/10/2014


Hokkaido cs-ers celebration June 4, 20063-

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ZEPP Sapporo Countdown party 2012/2013Jeff Quigley-  11/28/2012
Accomodations in FuranoTONYLNK4  11/20/2012
Sapporo Hike: Nov 4thLeon Roode1  11/13/2012
Camping & Hike trip: Oct 20-21Leon Roode1  10/18/2012
Surfing...Lars Khoshroo-  10/11/2012
One day trip~Beautiful Kouyou&OnsenKana Koseki2  10/06/2012
Share your Hokkaido with meJulie Rogers1  10/04/2012
From Tokyo to Hokkaido by trainCarmin Pierre2  09/12/2012
Lunch tomorrow in HakodateTIPHANYA-  09/05/2012
Anybody in Hakodate until the 7th sept ?TIPHANYA-  09/01/2012
Hiking (flexible dates between August 14-26)Nikete Della Penna1  08/12/2012
One or two day hike sometime between August 27-31stAMARILLEE-  08/04/2012
Hiking in August (6.8. - 11.8.)Vivien Mast19  08/03/2012
2-day hike to Soranuma-Dake Sunday/MondayVivien Mast-  08/03/2012
Helloooo!Charlie Koyama11  08/03/2012
Biei - Looking for a couch in BieiJake Chen2  08/01/2012
Travel tipsClionadh Martin-  07/11/2012
HOKKAIDO ROAD TRIPMatthew Bugden-  06/20/2012
Sapporo CS Get-together Indoor Rock ClimbingKaytee Flick-  06/18/2012
Hokkaido without a car? (June 2012)Anna Siy7  06/10/2012
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