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Nessie3 Nessie3 moderator To host, and to meet other members 01/25/2008
Steve WrightSteve Wright moderator Hokkaido is my idea of paradise 09/21/2007
WENWEN WENWEN Coming to Hokkaido 04/10/2014
Taylor Read Taylor Read I live in Ezo and would love to show travelers my home! 01/17/2013
Tamy_37Tamy_37 I live in Hokkaido 07/26/2013
HibbiHibbi 12/05/2010
Naoko FujitaNaoko Fujita i like hokkaido and am going there in june 2014. 02/23/2014
Moet ItohMoet Itoh 04/19/2013


Hokkaido cs-ers celebration June 4, 20063-

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Anyone Going to Misawa AFBKaytee Flick-  06/02/2012
Is the 芝Sakura festival at Takinoyori Park worth a visit? (5/21- 5/25 Hokkaido)Vanessa Huang4  05/20/2012
Hey guys! Would like to visit Hokkaido in May! ...Where to go/What to see/How to come cheaply from Tokyo/WHO WANTS TO HANG OUT?Chris Rosenkrans3  05/01/2012
Spring Skiing or Snowboaring in Niseko, HokkaidoLeon Roode-  04/27/2012
Cherry Blossom PartyLeon Roode1  04/26/2012
When is the best time to visitJOYFROMTHELITTLEREDDOT9  04/16/2012
The Blue Pond in BieiSAM TRAVELIBRARIAN1  04/11/2012
Tomari Peace WalkSammi Kakizaki-  03/26/2012
Hitch-hiking to Otaru sometime next week 25 or 26/2?Eugene Fong-  02/18/2012
looking for a buddy to do Sapporo Snow Festival withEugene Fong-  02/08/2012
Ski Tip to Neseko tomorrow 8 FEB (Wed)BLUEEYEDDRAGON-  02/07/2012
2012 Sapporo Snow Festival Party!AMANDAINSAPPORO1  02/06/2012
internet cafes - sapporo x x...Anna Somma2  02/04/2012
Sapporo Snow Festival Two Day Snowshoe AdventureLeon Roode2  02/03/2012
Hokkaido in FebruaryDelia Laurent-  01/16/2012
snowboarding shred buddyGLOBERS1  01/15/2012
Christmas Party in Sapporo on the 25thLeon Roode1  12/24/2011
Hokkaido (30 Dec 2011 - 3 Jan 2012)Joanna C.6  12/15/2011
help CSersOlan Olan-  12/05/2011