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Keep your car at home or sell it or even on't think about getting one!!!Cars suck, and you know it, don't you??if so, join this group:)

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Created: Sep 20, 2007
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Eric SchumacherEric Schumacher moderator Cars smell, are noisy, dangerous, fast and penetrant - alternatives are better for peacefull cities etc... 09/20/2007
SOFASRUS SOFASRUS cars are serial killers and very noisy aand polluting 12/31/2012
WALDEN81 WALDEN81 at last I can almost manage without a car! 07/28/2011
Paul OldhamPaul Oldham cars kill 08/11/2008
Alan HelferAlan Helfer I don't have a car and I haven't driven much in the last 10 years 07/29/2011
Dragan JovanovićDragan Jovanović want to share ideas and experiences about changing urban public space 03/24/2011
Anna-Sophia LaubeAnna-Sophia Laube Because there are so many beautiful ideas and places those people talk about, I most defiantly have to read throw those and see where I can throw some energy in!!!! 03/21/2014
Alex SemiseriosAlex Semiserios Because I do not own a car, and I do not want to own one, ever. I like my bicycle better. 01/05/2014


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