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Budapest Group (official)


Welcome to Budapest group

Please have a look at the WiKi to see if your question is already answered there

In the wiki you will find information about public transport, airport transfer, what presents to buy, what Hungarian food to try and also a lot more.

This is the NEW Official Budapest CS group. We were surprised by the new "Places Page" and for now we feel that this way of converting the old last minute group to a new Budapest CS group is the only way to go. The CS team has now made some improvement to the Place page but we still feel that it's not a complete alternative.

Also, please read the guidelines of this group

Couch requests are NOT allowed in this group, if your requests are declined try the Last Minute Couch Requests Budapest sub-group

The language used in this group is English, if you want to post in Hungarian there is a sub group called budapesti vidám mag

Shows you what places other CS:ers think that you should visit (including where to eat and drink).
To update the map and calendar, login with username :surf.budapest at gmail dot com and password: couchsurfer


Regular CS-meetings in Budapest:

- Every Tuesday at 19.00
Meeting at Epiteszpince

- Every Wednesday at 20.30
Meeting in a pub (check the event, location changes often).

- Every month
A larger meeting is usually arranged every month (check activity page and posts).

Activities are always created for these meetings (but for the weekly sometimes only a couple of days before). Check the activities in Budapest here


Other groups that you might be interested in:

- Hungary (country main group)

- Hungarian language

Click for Budapest, Hungary Forecast


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Created: Sep 25, 2007
Type: Public

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Anna Anna Anna Anna moderator I live in Budapest and would like to help surfers in need! 01/10/2011
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