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Budapest Group (official)

What are Group guidelines? Group guidelines are a list of things that this group has agreed to and uses as guidance in operation. At a quick glance, everyone can see what rules a group functions by.

Group Guidelines

Title Date Importance
Please do not post Couch Requests here!06/08/2008 10
Please start with sending individual requests, if your requests are denied and you are soon arriving you can try posting in the Last Minute Couch Request Budapest sub group.
Please read these guidelines and the details section before posting12/11/2012 9
Do not post here for: Job search and offerings, Apartment/flatmate search and offerings12/11/2012 8
if you are looking for a job :

room or flat to rent :
Paid accomodation promotion is NOT allowed12/11/2012 7
B&B, hostels, hotels and other accommodation services owners are not allowed to promote their activities through CS and this group.

Nevertheless, CS users can ask and give information/advice about paid accommodation, if this doesn't involve the promotion of a single business.
Don't post commercial ads here12/11/2012 6
Don't use this group to promote commercial events or businesses. If someone ask where to buy something, where to go etc feel free to answer but if you work for the business or have other affiliation to it please state so. If possible also suggest a competitor.
No foul language or abusive remarks to any member.12/11/2012 3