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Hawke's Bay


For everyone who currently lives in Hawke's Bay, have lived in Hawke's Bay, or travelers currently visiting or soon to be visiting.

also post in Facebook CouchSurfing Hawke's Bay page on:

then make an event after you have posted in this group and facebook.

please use this group only for anything in Hawkes Bay.
do not make any new or sub groups.
do not use Wairoa, Napier, Hastings, Waipawa, Waipukurau, as groups.
then everyone can see this.

Handy Hawke's Bay Information sites:

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Nicolaas Francken Nicolaas Francken moderator 09/26/2007
Max Neumegen Max Neumegen moderator overland traveller, now returning to travel slowly back to africa 11/27/2007
Paul Jeffery Paul Jeffery moderator *Moderator* I live in HB, love everything about it! Welcoming all travelers to the Bay 04/24/2010
Debbie UpstonDebbie Upston moderator I have not long joined CS and would love to get to know other members here in the Bay. I haven't traveled yet so need lots of advise. 04/01/2009
Brian H- Brian H- moderator Live here - in Hastings 02/09/2010
Caroline TredwellCaroline Tredwell we are in hawkes bay 04/05/2014
Elwira WinsykElwira Winsyk my new home:) 04/03/2013
Vaclav Planicka Vaclav Planicka Going to Hastings 09/23/2013


Coffee anyone?1-

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Flagged postsModerator 1  02/05/2014
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Annual Event - 5 days of fun in N Island & Tongariro CrossingPerpetuallyTraveling-  01/10/2012
CS Family Picknick and games day in NapierWinfried Deijmann-  12/28/2011
Ride offered - Hawkes Bay to Coromandel and back - 28th Dec/3rd JanAmiria Kiddle-  12/26/2011
Rideshare offered / travelmate wanted roadtrip Napier-Rotorua via East CoastNiki Stockner-  12/15/2011
:: Tongariro Crossing FAMILY Event - JANUARY 2012::Winfried Deijmann-  12/12/2011
Coming to Hawkes Bay!Daniel Maher-  12/08/2011
Max Fairwell, mon28thNov, Canudos Bar, yes I am breaking away from Georgia,Max Neumegen-  11/28/2011
WORK in Hawk's Bay?Eoghan 4  11/10/2011
Winfried in town......Winfried Deijmann-  10/27/2011
A long, well-needed holiday!hackswell1  10/19/2011
Spring BBQ!Amiria Kiddle1  10/16/2011
looking for room in NapierEoghan 3  09/27/2011
Cs'er from Canada, in town, Bouldering anyone?Jeff Boyd-  09/17/2011
Wanna go tramping???Robert Schleich1  05/20/2011
Max's Farewell PartyBrian H-4  05/03/2011
Weekend Get-TogetherPaul Jeffery8  04/28/2011
Radio New Zealand is doing a live interview Tuesday 26th April 2011 at 7:10pm NZMax Neumegen1  04/20/2011