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Philadelphia "Last Minute Couches & Surfing/Hosting Requests"


27 February 2013

The CS organisation is going to make this group private due to security concerns.

Of particular interest to the CS leadership is the posting of personal phone numbers that anyone can see. Once the group goes private only members will be able to view messages.

CS leadership is very concerned about security. They want members to be able to use phone numbers, but caution that everyone involved should READ PROFILES and use the CS Couch Request feature when confirming surfers.

Members are strongly encouraged to document communications using the website instead of verbally confirming requests and "circumventing" the CS system of couch request> read profile> accept/decline.

If you have any questions, ping me or any of our Moderators.

Howard Mac

This is the place where Philadelphians (and those in *immediate* surrounding areas) and CSers who are looking for couches/hosts or are stuck/stranded due to missed connexions, poor communications, bad luck, and the fickle finger of fate should post their messages.

Philadelphians and residents from *the immediate surrounding* communities dedicated to hosting should join and monitor this group. If you are *more than a 30 minute drive or commute* from Philadelphia you should seriously consider whether you are correct for this group.

Looking for a couch? Check this out:

How to write a "Couchrequest"

How to be a good "Guest/Surfer"

About four times each year, "traveling-surfing" members who have joined this group that have completed their travels will be removed to leave only area residents. If you have been removed and wish to remain in the group, please send an e-mail so you will not be removed in future.

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Rich Murray Rich Murray moderator May be available for last-minute requests.. 08/03/2008
MACNAPIER MACNAPIER moderator Last minute hosting might be possible.... 10/03/2007
ERRCRICKET ERRCRICKET moderator Live in philly, and although I have a small space, in an emergency it is amazing how large and Tardis-like it can be. 06/08/2010
Steven Gibbs Steven Gibbs Contact me, I might be able to host you 02/09/2013
marcus Lamahmarcus Lamah to host people in Philly! 11/05/2013
Stephen  MonteithStephen Monteith maybe available 06/07/2009
Becca DidioBecca Didio Just moved to Philly 01/05/2014
UJ5150UJ5150 I live here. Would like to help and meet travlers. 08/01/2012


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