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Once upon a time, Amy1823 created this group. Since then we tried to show the world that there is a life after the ringroad, and thanks to the local community we've done a pretty good job ;)

Versailles &<br />

Just 15 minutes away from Paris, the city of Versailles should be on your itinerary when you're discovering France, OK it's a bit touristy but there's more to see than the Palace... Come & Find out!

Generally speaking, the West Suburbs of Paris, Yvelines, is a wonderful place to discover, wonderful castles and gardens... Check St Germain-en-Laye, Marly-le-Roi, Maison-Laffite, Rambouillet, and so on !

more info : http://wiki.couchsurfing.org/en/Versailles

For people living in the Yvelines, let's organize the hosting of CSers! Let's meet & have fun together !

Pictures of CS Versailles and Les Yvelines events :
- Les Journées royales de Versailles 14/15/16 oct 2011
- Celebrating the 4th birthday of the CS Versailles and Yvelines Group 8 nov 2011
- CS Versailles Invasion to Lyon - Festival of Lights 2011 9/10/11 dec 2011

Want to plan you trip from home and check what you could do in Versailles and Yvelines => Check the map of Versailles : the trains stations, restaurants, bars, must-seen places and food markets, everything you need !!!

click here to see the map

Keep posted : CS events in Versailles, Yvelines and IDF Google Agenda

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Organisation des Journees Royales de Versailles 2011528
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