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Interested in exchanging info. e-mail etc. Perhaps with a future visit in their country or area!

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NomadLynette NomadLynette moderator 02/23/2006
Franz BonsemaFranz Bonsema because older people are more open to older people 12/23/2013
Joe Zerda Joe Zerda I'm 55+ 07/16/2009
KATHY.STAGLKATHY.STAGL recently retired and hoping to meet people and do more traveling 07/26/2012
Marina LyginaMarina Lygina Because I respect much Seniors...55+ 02/28/2013
violabiflora violabiflora Belong to this agegroup 01/06/2013
TwoNations TwoNations I'll be 55 soon . 07/04/2011
Eddy HuntEddy Hunt I like meeting people my own age - as well as others! 03/05/2010


Adventurous Women over 50!!8488

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San Francisco in early to mid NovemberPavel Brown2  08/29/2010
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