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As a sub-group of the Brainstorm group "Brainstorm ~ Redefined" was meant to be kind of a subset of the mother group, but is now the main place for discussion. You may still access the original BS group and browse its interesting discussions: http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=429
It is one of the oldest, and most interesting, historically important, groups on CS.

If you would like to archive any thread from the original BS or BS~Refined, please submit it here: http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=23215

Basically we are here to brainstorm about ideas and tools and concepts and any positive thing that YOU, as a member, thinks will improve the CouchSurfing website for the community!

Important Note: This is member discussion group and not an official place to gain answers. No one will be posting any official information in this group and anything you read here is solely a member discussion. If you'd like a specific question answered, please feel free to Contact Us directly as it will not be answered in this group, but be aware of the CUQ's limitations: most volunteers for the CUQ will not be able to answer organizational questions because they simply don't know, in most cases. Please understand too that, for a global community to work, we need to hear a variety of voices to find solutions...all general CS members are welcome here to ponder, question, propose and discuss ideas, problems and solutions...welcome tout le monde!

You can also check out our CouchSurfing Policy FAQ where you are also invited to ask questions that are not already answered.

Please do not post a CS member's full name within a post; you may use a first name only, or user name, when addressing another member publicly; thanks!

-BS~R Moderators

Troll Policy:
a troll is a person who posts in group discussions with the sole intentions of disruption and cheap attention-seeking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)

The moderators would like to remind all group members that the maintenance of a troll-free atmosphere here is everyone's responsibility. An effective way to eliminate trolls is to ignore them, and deny them the attention they seek.

If someone is bothering you here, with insinuating remarks, provocative posting or personal insults, please ignore them totally. You may email any one of the moderators here if you have concerns. While we try to resolve all problems within the group, in serious cases, we may temporarily exclude members from the group for breach of guidelines and (should this be ineffective) report them to the MDST. You may view our complete troll policy by clicking on the "Respect" link above.

Be reminded: trolls discredit themselves over time, so please allow these natural consequences to occur. A troll who repeatedly posts inflammatory content will find his/her readership decline, and his reputation damaged. If you feel that you, yourself, are trolling...turn off your computer, go outside in the sunshine, and enjoy your day! thanks everyone:)

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Bluedragon.Bluedragon. moderator 06/06/2009
Serhat Oran Serhat Oran moderator I have a brain 03/03/2010
*Margaret* *Margaret* moderator 10/12/2007
Jonathan ShawJonathan Shaw Very interested in the concept of this group! :) 08/24/2011
Pickwick Pickwick 10/30/2011
Antonio BravoAntonio Bravo brainstorming 06/08/2012
Dave RaschDave Rasch To SAVE JULIEN 10/20/2009


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