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3rd Sunday Potluck, SF


Please join the group if you would like to help with planning, choosing locations and promoting 3rd Sunday Potlucks in San Francisco!

Your participation is important and appreciated, so we hope you'll join us in making the 3rd Sunday Potlucks a reality!

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Created: Oct 26, 2007
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Karen_KDT42 Karen_KDT42 moderator Food + parks + good people = great time. 02/11/2011
-mystic- -mystic- moderator I'm in the bay area and I want to socialize with fellow couchsurfing denizens! 04/10/2008
Katlin MohrKatlin Mohr I want to share great food with locals and travelers 12/23/2012
Al CoxAl Cox cuz it's in sf, yay 05/12/2008
LloydC LloydC 04/19/2010
Derek Wallace Derek Wallace 12/23/2011
Viola Pfuhl Viola Pfuhl it's simply such a great idea ! 11/27/2009
Dhiren Patra Dhiren Patra I like cooking and eating 06/23/2011


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Flagged postsModerator 3  04/22/2008
Proposed location: Stern Grove Festival (6/19)Karen_KDT421  06/10/2011
JAX Innovation Awards 2011 JAXConf AFTER PARTY at "Molly MaGees"Nitzeli Sanchez Rodriguez-  05/24/2011
NO POTLUCK THIS SUNDAY-mystic--  05/11/2011
Friday Night SoireeBeaBeap1  04/22/2011
What to bring - 2010 Potlucks-mystic-9  04/15/2011
3rd Sunday Potluck, San Francisco - 3 Year Ann Crissy Field, 4/17-mystic--  04/08/2011
Hiking(Postponed instead Asha stanford holi 2011)Nitzeli Sanchez Rodriguez-  04/01/2011
SF project launch party...come through!!!Emile Klein-  04/01/2011
Hiking and Exploring Foothill parkNitzeli Sanchez Rodriguez-  03/29/2011
join me from 19th to 23rd MarchSaboura Rokhsari-  03/11/2011
Back in the bay area and in search of a couch and/or extended stayBeaBeap-  01/11/2011
3rd Sunday Potluck, Dolores Park, San Francisco, 11/21/10-mystic--  11/14/2010
3rd Sunday pics?Derek Wallace-  10/19/2010
3rd Sunday Potluck, San Francisco - Hippie Hill (GGP), 10/17-mystic--  10/13/2010
3rd Sunday Potluck, San Francisco - Hippie Hill (GGP), 9/19-mystic-1  09/19/2010
3rd Sunday Potluck, San Francisco - Holly Park 8/15-mystic--  08/12/2010
what to bring?Cesar Angulo-  07/13/2010
2010 Potlucks-mystic-5  07/13/2010
3rd Sunday Potluck, San Francisco - Alamo Square, 6/20-mystic--  06/15/2010
San Francisco Bright & Shiny Clothing Swap party at CellSpace!Justin Kenny-  05/20/2010
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