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3rd Sunday Potluck, SF


Please join the group if you would like to help with planning, choosing locations and promoting 3rd Sunday Potlucks in San Francisco!

Your participation is important and appreciated, so we hope you'll join us in making the 3rd Sunday Potlucks a reality!

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Created: Oct 26, 2007
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Karen_KDT42 Karen_KDT42 moderator Food + parks + good people = great time. 02/11/2011
-mystic- -mystic- moderator I'm in the bay area and I want to socialize with fellow couchsurfing denizens! 04/10/2008
Katlin MohrKatlin Mohr I want to share great food with locals and travelers 12/23/2012
Al CoxAl Cox cuz it's in sf, yay 05/12/2008
LloydC LloydC 04/19/2010
Derek Wallace Derek Wallace 12/23/2011
Viola Pfuhl Viola Pfuhl it's simply such a great idea ! 11/27/2009
Dhiren Patra Dhiren Patra I like cooking and eating 06/23/2011


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Flagged postsModerator 3  04/22/2008
Oh well, i tried, seems like there is little interest and no one can help-hink it is time to cancel sat's pot luck/meet. Any vetos or opinions?Yaffa Yaffa Yaffa5  01/21/2008
San Francisco 3rd Sunday Potluck - January 20th, 2008....cancelledYaffa Yaffa Yaffa1  01/16/2008
Potluck on Jan 20th, has the location been decided?Katja Smirnov-  01/15/2008
Sunday Jan 20th...lets just plan on meeting!Yaffa Yaffa Yaffa15  01/13/2008
I am in mexico, can anyone help organize the meetup a little itty bitty bit?Yaffa Yaffa Yaffa1  01/04/2008
How about some other voices? where do you want to go on jan 20th sushi, zeitgeist or fireside.Yaffa Yaffa Yaffa4  12/18/2007
December...sushi?RRRENATA6  11/29/2007
I can't believe I missed it :( But--if anyone is an orphan fro thanksgiving day...SAC-LONI1  11/19/2007
Someone Left a Chair at the November potluckAdam S.-  11/19/2007
November Third Sunday Potluck - BBQ in Golden Gate Park, 11/18/07Kate Merrill-  11/16/2007
Food optionsKatja Smirnov11  11/15/2007
Weather 11/18Katja Smirnov8  11/15/2007
Doesn't look too promising...Katja Smirnov6  11/15/2007
More Specific DirectionsSFSNOWBUNNY-  11/14/2007
Exact location details/transportationKatja Smirnov1  11/13/2007
Upcoming BBQ in GG ParkGuy Gould-Davies1  11/09/2007
Ideas for Positions on the CommitteeDerek Wallace7  11/01/2007
Nov 18 - Potluck! Let's finally decide on the place...Katja Smirnov2  10/26/2007
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