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i want to bring this group into existence to create a meeting resp. exchange point for devotees of beloved Ammachi, a space to connect, a place of divine thoughts!
¨mata rani ki jai

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Created: Oct 27, 2007
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Noemie CapdevilaNoemie Capdevila see amma at least once per year since...a long time 09/20/2012
Christian VALLAChristian VALLA 11/09/2011
Raquel Antunes Raquel Antunes I'm an Amma devotee :) Jay Jay! 09/08/2013
Tejas PillaiTejas Pillai meeting people, sharing thoughts , discovering .... 12/21/2013
Ben RomieuBen Romieu 02/02/2013
Santosh NairSantosh Nair Because we are ammas children 11/07/2013
Sara Jewel Whitmore Sara Jewel Whitmore a friend of Amma is a friend of mine 04/14/2014


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