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The New Salsa Group of Vienna


This group is for all Salsa and Latino fans in Vienna.

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Created: Oct 28, 2007
Type: Public

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Hanna Saukel Hanna Saukel moderator 10/28/2007
Claudia NClaudia N 06/06/2010
Odile Nordon Odile Nordon Salsa addicted, coming back to Vienna 04/29/2008
Gabriela ColemanGabriela Coleman want to learn salsa! 06/30/2013
Victor Torres Perez Victor Torres Perez Simply... I like to dance salsa 02/08/2013
Michael MMichael M Finally a salsa group!! 11/04/2012
knightofgoodtaste knightofgoodtaste 05/14/2012



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Poll: Weekly SalsaADAMPACA1  07/07/2013

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Flagged postsModerator 1  05/28/2008
31st August: Salsa in the city closing partyOdile Nordon4  09/01/2010
Salsa in Prague Sep 10th to 12th 2010 - Part of Cz3chsurfing 2010Sinclair Crawley 3  08/24/2010
SALSA IN VIENNAErik Lopez1  08/07/2010
BAARCELONAAAAA!!!Philomena Pober3  07/11/2010
salsa in the city, every tuesday!Odile Nordon5  07/06/2010
Salsa on SaturdayDaniela Atanasova4  07/03/2010
Salsa Party for Vienna Calling 2010 Friday 4th June from 20.00 till ???? @ El Dorado - Can you help???Sinclair Crawley 7  06/07/2010
Wednesday (June 2nd): Meet & Greet/Welcome Party - first ViennaCalling nightvincenc-  05/31/2010
Salsa this sunday (May 23th) on FloriditaJose Aliste4  05/23/2010
Salsa for Vienna Calling - June 4th >>> where?vincenc6  05/20/2010
Samba and Cuban Salsa classesNora Parlow-  04/08/2010
hiRoberto Perez-  03/30/2010
S.O.S COUCH NEEDED!!!Ignacio Albero-  03/29/2010