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Vegan and Vegetarian in Vienna


self-describing ;-) VVV

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Created: Nov 25, 2007
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VEGANKATHIVEGANKATHI moderator I'm vegan and live in vienna :-) 12/03/2007
VEGANCHRISVEGANCHRIS moderator 11/25/2007
SustainableMassi SustainableMassi moderator Vegetarian since 7 months and hopefully for the rest of my life ;-) 09/15/2010
TAJANISTAJANIS moderator 11/28/2010
Alicia la TerribleAlicia la Terrible moderator i'm vegan and like other couchsurfing vegans and vegetarians :) 11/26/2010
MuchToDoMuchToDo I am a vegetarian and am interested in knowing about vegan/vegetarian stuff in Vienna. 08/10/2013
SONNIGST SONNIGST ....am vegetarian and want to go to Vienna. 02/08/2014


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ApartmentGustaf Londré-  10/08/2011
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Veganer Brunch 02.10.11DIHIA5  09/27/2011
German Helpexcusser-  09/17/2011
Invitation to 12th monthly meeting "Community garden and Permaculture", 20th September 6-10 pmSustainableMassi-  09/17/2011
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