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Eaters of Vegans and Vegetarians in Vienna


Because Vegans and Vegetarians just taste better!

We Know because we tried!

P.S. This group is a JOKE! (seriously, do we really have to tell you that we aren't actually advocating cannibalism?!!)
All types of offense are condoned, even appreciated, in this group.
If you cry easily, please visit www.icanhascheezburger.com and leave us alone :)

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Created: Nov 25, 2007
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Masha SmirnovaMasha Smirnova moderator 12/02/2007
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Eaters of Vegans and Vegetarians in Vienna who wonder if in fact they would go blind if they ever do see SPYRO naked!?24


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Poll: Which taste better: Vegans or Vegetarians?ABE-SAN33  12/02/2008
Poll: Who should we add from the leadership team?SPYRO12  01/01/2008
Poll: What would you rather crochet?ARIES8  12/02/2007

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Still aliveSPYRO23  07/16/2010
CS Vienna Calling LOGOHerr Beowulf-  02/16/2010
Becoming vegetarian 'can harm the environment'Herr Beowulf-  02/16/2010
Vienna CS Stammtisch on the 10th of February 2010 at SchikanederSilvanis-  02/04/2010
eatSPYRO13  11/16/2009
secret meetings of vegans and vegetariansChristine Hinterlang3  09/30/2009
Scar's Probleme - Mei.. wenn's mir ned fressen, nacha'd fressns uns..ZEANANA1  04/17/2009
lotsa new membersSPYRO1  04/14/2009
How is everyone?? I miss You guys!!! and,..I'm going to BurningMan, YEA!_GHOSTRIDER_1  10/21/2008
addition to upcoming bbq?Emily Frisk7  06/17/2008
hello eaters :)Christine Hinterlang2  04/16/2008
thanx marcusChristine Hinterlang36  01/05/2008
A MUST READ ABOUT OUR GROUP! For Sanity's sake, I hope this one never accidentally watches "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"! Like minded people might start burning Witches on street corners again after a 500 year absence. What would VLAD the IMPAILER DO?_GHOSTRIDER_11  01/04/2008
We have a new member, Welcom ISAAC! (He's a vegan/ vegitarian type, watch out!)_GHOSTRIDER_7  01/04/2008
mandatory viewing for e trippple v modsChristine Hinterlang15  01/02/2008
happy 2008 yeeeeeeeeeeeeey ...Christine Hinterlang5  01/02/2008
Advice from Socrates!_GHOSTRIDER_1  01/01/2008
We have a new member, Welcom ISAAC! (He's a vegan/ vegitarian type, watch out!)_GHOSTRIDER_-  12/31/2007
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