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Dedicado aos Membros de Santa Maria da Feira.

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Frederico RibeiroFrederico Ribeiro moderator 11/30/2007
José CoutoJosé Couto 10/07/2012
Ana SousaAna Sousa because is my hometown! 01/02/2013
Diogo SantosDiogo Santos 08/06/2010
Ricardo AraújoRicardo Araújo 08/27/2012
Ana DieguesAna Diegues my city :) 08/30/2008
Marion CaylaMarion Cayla I'll live there for a semester 02/01/2013
luis filipe Silvaluis filipe Silva 07/11/2012


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  Title By Replies Date
NOITE DE S. JOÃO, Barbecue, Sábado, 23 Junho 2012 Início: 8pmOPENNESS-  06/02/2012
17 and 18 February, 10:30am, 2 PortoGaiaCityTOURs ... and DinnersOPENNESS-  02/16/2012
Monday, 06th Feb 10:30am PortoGaiaCityTOUR, Dinner 8:00pmOPENNESS-  02/05/2012
Thursday, 2nd Feb, 1pm VICTORIA Cafe, and PortoGaiaCityTOUROPENNESS-  02/01/2012
SATURDAY, 21st Jan, 09:30am, "PortoGaiaCityTOUR", Dinner 8:30pmOPENNESS-  01/20/2012
SUNDAY, 15th January, 09:45am, "PortoGaiaCityTOUR", Dinner: 8pmOPENNESS-  01/14/2012
THURSDAY, 05th Jan, 09:45am, "PortoGaiaCityTOUR" and CSdinner 9pmOPENNESS-  01/04/2012
"Francesinha" and "Port Wine" Today, start: 12:30pm 3rd Jan,OPENNESS-  01/03/2012
Tomorrow, Monday, 2nd January, 12:30pm, PortoGaiaCityTOUROPENNESS-  01/01/2012
Wednesday 28th Dec, CityTOUR: 9:30am and CS Dinner: 8:30pmOPENNESS-  12/26/2011
21st Dec, CityTOUR: 9:30am and CS Christmas Dinner: 8:30pmOPENNESS-  12/19/2011
SATURDAY, 3rd Dec, 09:30am, "PortoGaiaCityTOUR", Dinner 8:45pmOPENNESS-  12/01/2011
Tomorrow, FRIDAY, 25th Nov, 09am, "PortoGaiaCityTOUR" and DinnerOPENNESS-  11/24/2011
TODAY, TUESDAY, 22nd November, 10:30am, "PortoGaiaCityTOUR"OPENNESS-  11/21/2011
THURSDAY, 03rd November, 10:20am, "PortoGaiaCityTOUR"OPENNESS-  11/02/2011
Monday, 31st Oct., 10:30am PortoGaiaCityTOUR... Dinner at 8:30pmOPENNESS-  10/31/2011
Saturday, 22th Oct., 10:30am PortoGaiaCityTOUR... Dinner at 9pmOPENNESS-  10/21/2011
Friday, 21st Oct, CSdinner 8:35pm Trindade Migalha RestaurantOPENNESS-  10/20/2011
Tomorrow, 18th October, 10am, let's go to a GUIMARÃES CITY TOUROPENNESS-  10/17/2011
Tonight, Tuesday, 04th Oct, Dinner 8:15pm - Trindade MIGALHAOPENNESS-  10/04/2011
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