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state of kosova

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LadixLadix moderator 12/03/2007
FLAMURFLAMUR moderator I live in this newborn country! 05/04/2010
Klit ShalaKlit Shala I live in Kosovo 04/15/2014
Nicolas De CorteNicolas De Corte going to Kosovo 03/08/2011
Julia.SCJulia.SC Internship in Kosovo 03/11/2014
Jenni SealJenni Seal living in Kosovo for a while... 03/16/2014
Arlind ShportaArlind Shporta I born here, i live here , and will die here :) 07/21/2009


Presheva Valley1-

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Flagged postsModerator 1  09/05/2008
anyone has a kindle ebook??? help neededMela Kuch2  06/27/2013
Could you help me with a basic info which nobody knows?Burak Ceylan-  06/26/2013
Vienna - Pristina by busKATHA.RINA5  06/21/2013
New in PrishtinaChristopher Forst1  06/16/2013
Two girls need a host in Pristina or Kosovska MitrovicaAnastasia Pika1  06/09/2013
Western Balkans June/JulyCHRISTIAN_MONTREAL-  06/09/2013
Need a couch in Kosovo for the 10th!!Yaamur Aktas-  06/08/2013
Transfer between Thessaloniki(Greece), Skopje, and PristinaV Lee4  06/08/2013
Belgrade to PristinaTroy Hallsell7  05/27/2013
Bus to MontenegroTrinity Ngu7  05/12/2013
CS Carpool in Europe - Travel for cheap, ecologically and meet peopleBarbora Hubená-  05/10/2013
cheap hostel in Prizren or emergency couch !Trinity Ngu1  05/09/2013
Train timetable up to date ?FILU-  05/07/2013
Best way to do Kosovo.Josh Kolski4  05/06/2013
we are selling our bikesLinda Kreiter1  05/05/2013
Kush?K☼stas: Save Us From Our ''Saviors''4  04/29/2013
Share Kosovo with the world, participate to the "Meanwhile" movie making Project !Clément Elbaz-  04/29/2013
suggestions for tourism in Kosovo?CULO INQUIETO5  04/25/2013
Kosovo for business.Hammad Khan-  04/24/2013
Looking for school for my project in Kosovo.Human David-  04/16/2013
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