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Villach (Slovenian -Beljak, Italian -Villaco) is the second largest city in Carinthia in the south of Austria, at the Drau River (Slovenian -Drava) and represents an important traffic junction for Austria and the whole Alpe-Adria region. As of 2007, the population is 58,480 making it the 7th biggest city (in terms of population) in Austria.

Villach stadt website: http://www.villach.at/

wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Villach
wikipedia: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villach

Villach is wellknown for its cultural variety. Street art and grand cultural events, marvellous festivals and enthusiastic artists, the entire town one big stage.

Kirchtag: http://www.villacherkirchtag.at/
Fasching: http://www.villacher-fasching.at/
Perchtenlauf: http://www.villach.at/perchten/
Carinthian Sommer Music Festival: http://www.carinthischersommer.at/
Harley-Davidson European Bike Week:
Stadtfest: http://www.ip-media.at/villach.htm
Internationales Strassenkunst Festival:
New Orleans meets Villach:

news about Villach? watch here:

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