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Created: Dec 10, 2007
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Mahmoud Shaheen {Mado}Mahmoud Shaheen {Mado} moderator Home :-) 02/23/2009
Ehab Hamed Ehab Hamed moderator My Fav. Forever ;) 04/02/2009
Maynard MozartMaynard Mozart Relocating 04/04/2014
David101 NFDavid101 NF 02/22/2014
Ramy MekoRamy Meko h 07/01/2011
Mahmoud Hamouda Mahmoud Hamouda I Love Sharm 12/30/2011
Belal KamalBelal Kamal i like South Sinai 03/13/2012


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Happy Project wanna Dance with us ?Belal Kamal-  04/17/2014
gay visiting sharm 8 -13 aprilbode Aggad-  04/02/2014
New In SharmMaxim Metias-  03/15/2014
Visiting Sharm el Sheikh next weekZen-Zen Yen6  02/02/2014
Sharm to Hurghada ferryIvan Rodriguez3  01/09/2014
Anybody here?AlessandroRM1  11/26/2013
Looking for someone who could bring me something from Hard rock cafe NabqJakub Kaminski-  11/01/2013
Lovely people, special places, couch, etc 12-18th setember :)MOGURITO-  09/07/2013
wish to rent a cheap , nice and convenient room in SSH or Hurghada for three months, anyone can help me to find one ? thanks ^^Ryan Yang-  09/03/2013
Meeting on 13-08-2013Mahmoud Shaheen {Mado}-  08/10/2013
let's meet for a drink and shisha @ el fishawy cafeBelal Kamal-  07/29/2013
yehiaSenshy Codo-  06/05/2013
the Monthly welcoming event for TravelersBelal Kamal1  05/04/2013
Looking for events in SharmFoil_Badge-  04/19/2013
the Monthly welcoming event for Travelers and new membersBelal Kamal-  04/13/2013
Parachuting and skydiving activities in in sham El sheikhNabil Ali-  04/04/2013
THE 79th CS CAIRO WEEKLY MEETINGMohamed Elgarf-  03/18/2013
THE 78th CS CAIRO WEEKLY MEETINGMohamed Elgarf-  03/09/2013
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