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If you want to go to tibet, or you have been there,or you want someday go there,just want to know something now. come on,just join our group
If you want to go to Lhasa, you have to get a permit first. Do you know how to get one. Just need the copy of your passport.

And maybe you have heard of how hard it is getting a train ticket to Lhasa. But if you ask me for help.It is just like a piece of cake.

conntact with me. peterpanshostel@hotmail.com TEL:0086-28-88882793 Fax:0086-28-66815328 HP:13880224130

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Peter PanPeter Pan moderator 12/12/2007
Ingrid SanciIngrid Sanci love traveling in Snowland 07/27/2010
Debbie HillDebbie Hill I'm going to Tibet. 10/26/2012
waiwai6688 Zswaiwai6688 Zs make more friends know more different culture 09/01/2010
AXON-O AXON-O Going to Tibet! 04/03/2014
hospitality Nepalihospitality Nepali I have been there 3 times and it is heaven. 10/03/2010
Deimante BoreisaiteDeimante Boreisaite Wanna visit Tibet 01/09/2014



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