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Massimo Mg13Massimo Mg13 moderator 05/30/2005
mEoWiE_kEnIxmEoWiE_kEnIx i like watching people play basketball, especially those who slam dunk & do the 3-pointer well 01/04/2012
Victorio PalacioVictorio Palacio I play basketball 02/02/2011
Felipe BartschFelipe Bartsch my motivation 06/06/2013
Tomasz BrzdakTomasz Brzdak my favourite sport 09/04/2012
k1 Jefk1 Jef Like-My Pro Sport History 06/14/2011
Jonathan McClainJonathan McClain The love of Basketball 10/28/2010
Joanna DenisJoanna Denis I join this group because i've played basketball for a long time and i love it :) 01/27/2011


Basketball coaches!1631
Basketball in Shanghai1-
Street Basketball in Essen1-
Women's Basketball55


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Poll: Basketball in Shenzhen Snow.Wu-  12/27/2012

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High school Coach or those who know themCharlie Koyama-  12/27/2013
CS Basketball ManilaAndy Enero-  10/27/2013
basketball in BUENOS AIRES II baloncesto en BUENOS AIRESMONSCHKI3  10/24/2013
basketball in CracowTomasz Brzdak4  08/09/2013
Women's BASKETBALL in Berlin!ADAM_BISCUITS-  05/23/2013
Euroleague suggestionLOSRORROS-  03/14/2013
¿Anybody to play basketball in Barcelona?Gerard Solé Serra1  01/23/2013
Basketball in PerúLuis Brian Salazar -  12/22/2012
EA7 Milano Vs Mapooro CantùSimone Ongari-  09/25/2012
3 on 3 basketball tournament in Ireland! 1 more player needed!John Mccormick2  09/03/2012
Basketball in FirenzeNICK_JAMES-  08/23/2012
Spanish Coach looking for a teamMauro Enrique Martin2  08/13/2012
Anyone playing basketball in Madrid in August!!Rup Bierman-  08/06/2012
A new Berlin female basketball team looking for players!ADAM_BISCUITS2  07/30/2012
Baskelball in Sao PauloDan Romuald-  07/22/2012
Hello!Marcin Wolski1  06/27/2012
bball in sydneyTRUONG.CHAMP1  05/28/2012
Want to see a game in Spain?Ryan Flanagan3  05/21/2012
worlwide antiracist tournament in ItalyTom Muringer-  05/19/2012
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