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Die Gruppe für alle Kufstoaner bzw. Zuagroastn
Wenn sich ein paar Mitglieder einfinden können wir ja mal ein Kufsteiner Couch Surfing Treffen organisieren?!

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Created: Dec 12, 2007
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MINERALF MINERALF moderator I was studying in Kufstein. 12/12/2007
WORLDBEATSWORLDBEATS Interested in CS meetings... 05/18/2013
Kayla KaylaKayla Kayla 10/10/2012
Cristy ReyesCristy Reyes I will make an exchange to Austria, in the FH Kufstein, Tyrol, so I would like to know about interesting places to visit. 06/26/2011
Nicola FavaroNicola Favaro Ich wohne in Kufstein 11/02/2013
Justina LevanaitėJustina Levanaitė I live & work in Thiersee. I've just got there on Monday. It would be great to meet new people and know about events :) 11/09/2013
Bobby SalkewiczBobby Salkewicz My new home 10/26/2012



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Poll: Couchsurfer Treffen in Kufstein?MINERALF10  12/31/2007

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In Kufstein until wednesdayFelipe Santana-  05/31/2010
Moderator?MINERALF-  01/25/2010
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