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Alaska, bitches!


We's Alaska, and we holds it down!
By that I mean being homeless or traveling in the AK means being crazy, hardcore, well-dressed, or elementally impervious. We laugh at sub-zero temperatures and 12 inches of snow is cause for celebration....
Any and all who travel to, or live in, the last frontier are welcome to join, collaborate, and generally make a sloppy mess of themselves, online! Yeah!
SO, join this club. You don't have to be jumped in, wrestle a moose, or know who Binky was, but all of those things are helpful if you gets down with us....

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Created: Dec 18, 2007
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Garrett PerkinsGarrett Perkins moderator 12/18/2007
Mary FranckMary Franck moderator 12/18/2007
Chad Vandenbergh Chad Vandenbergh Took a solo trip to AK in 2010 and loved everything about it, bitches. 02/17/2011
RoseDesiree RoseDesiree Cause my heart is still in Alaska, even if I'm not... 03/29/2010
Isaac Peterson Isaac Peterson Because I live in Alaska 07/27/2012
Camille PrévilleCamille Préville I want to travel in Alaska soon. 03/29/2014
Chuck Donahue Chuck Donahue Working in Alaska this summer 03/25/2013
Aaron SmileyAaron Smiley America's Best 04/23/2013


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Trip in Alaska, August 2014Camille Préville-  03/29/2014
going to watch auroraborealis on septemberspanesefly8  08/18/2013
Please Help me !Ha®®y™ Sahadevan-  02/20/2013
Hello, we want to move from Latvia to another country, in Alaska!Elena Semenjakina-  12/25/2012
Fairbanks in late JanuaryJae Kistler-  10/14/2012
1st Ever Ever Ever Albuquerque Couch Crash (Oct 4-7): Columbus Day Weekend - Save the DateASALI M.1  09/08/2012
In Alaska from 8/28: hiking, hitchhiking, sightseeing, catching salmon, hot springs, birch syrup beerTom read couch description Mosakowski1  09/04/2012
wish to see the aurora borealismolly-molly8  08/24/2012
[Aug26-Sep7] Fairbanks => AnchorageDaniel Uchida Athanazio-  08/23/2012
Alaska- mid August!Jenna Schingmann2  08/23/2012
SE Alaska Island HoppingJuan Nunez6  08/22/2012
Alaska and Northern Lights, Here I Come!Elvin Toh-  07/31/2012
Moving to Alaska!!Steve Cruz1  07/15/2012
VAN/CAR NEEDED IN ALASKA from 5thjuly to 4august 2012TRAVELLER1974-  06/10/2012
Alaska end of march/april -travel/ski buddies wantedANNIMATILDA-  02/07/2012
5 Night Backountry Camping Trip on Kenai PeninsulaCliff King1  07/27/2011
Hello AK dwellers and travelers. Travel buddys?Brett Sherman-  05/16/2011
first ask the bitches ?FLOKI3  04/03/2011
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