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A forum for the independent woman. Female travelers or just females who are proud of being simply women. An independent woman is not only one who chooses to travel alone but also one who chooses to live like an independent individual. Independence is also something that's defined differently by each and every individual. So being part of one group doesn't make all the same person. Discussions are central to travel tips, safety concerns, myths about traveling alone, resource sharing, brainstorming, sharing experiences, different cultures, attitudes and anything else that today's independent woman can talk about.

If you're new member it often happens that you have a question that may have already been discussed in the group. Threads & posts stay visible for a certain time but then become harder to track down. For this we have created a wiki page linked to the Independent Women Group which contains some of the interesting discussion we've had in the group over the time. Feel free to have a look if you're planning on posting, in case your question has already been answered:)

IW Group Past Threads List

Since 2008 there is an IW Group Meeting held at various locations around the globe, trying to get the female members of this group together.

2008 saw Bruges (Belgium), Chicago (USA) and Cochin (India) holding one.
2009 saw Gothenburg(Sweden) and Sydney (Australia) holding one too.
It takes place on Women's Day (March 8th, or around that date).

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