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This group has no members. It's just a container for the groups representing the various Ages of Travellers:

(Please join any of the Sub-Groups listed to the BOTTOM-LEFT by clicking on age group of your choice. Thank you!)

***** note: Join ANY group you wish as we're all ****
***** able to learn something from each other! *****

::::: Sub-groups :::::

~~ 18 & 19 Travellers ~~
~~ 20s+ Travellers ~~
~~ 30s+ Travellers ~~
~~ 40s+ Travellers ~~
~~ 50s+ Travellers ~~
~~ 60s+ Travellers ~~
~~ 70s+ Travellers ~~

Thank you for supporting the CouchSurfing community with your active participation in CS groups!!

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Created: Dec 22, 2007
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18/19s Travellers143129
20s+ Travellers591265
30s+ Travellers502440
40s+ Travellers246015424627
50s+ Travellers7905144419
60s+ Travellers4802240
70s+ Travellers71246