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Welcome to 30s+ Travellers!

The 'Corporate Ladder' can't touch the CouchSurfing Ladder! We're all about international cultures, spray-on tans, kids soccer/sports, and.. and.. did I mention INTERNATIONAL!

Use this group to chat about whatever life interests you wish to share, make some friends (and go VISIT them), but just remember to leave the keys under the mat when you're done..

Thank you for supporting the CouchSurfing community with your active participation in CS groups!!


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Created: Dec 22, 2007
Type: Public

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Maikel LourenssenMaikel Lourenssen moderator 12/22/2007
Henry Chan Henry Chan moderator 12/23/2007
SassyAustinRedhead SassyAustinRedhead moderator 12/25/2007
Babul Islam Babul Islam 12/12/2010
Sonja Orlovius Sonja Orlovius Well :) what to say ... am I 30+ or am I 30+? 11/13/2012
Rakesh PurohitRakesh Purohit Your most welcome in India 07/05/2010
Verlin RandolphVerlin Randolph 10/15/2008
ASH_BHAIASH_BHAI i am 30+ :) 04/10/2014


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swap language in JakartaAli Trisno Pranoto-  11/26/2013
Deepwali festival in JaipurRakesh Purohit2  10/24/2013
Indonesia (or Malaysia, or Thailand) ==> India (or Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh)Dmitry Turin-  10/10/2013
Anybody want to join me in Nepal to do free art workshops with children.Belinda Swank-  06/26/2013
Anyone keen to join me on world adventureCandice Pomare3  03/06/2013
Any artists/teachers want to join me in Nepal to do free art workshops for children.Belinda Swank1  02/25/2013
KARAOKE & DEEJAY SET DISCO DANCE *** a party before Xmas ***Ottavia Kunz-  11/30/2012
New year Eve at Jaisalmer:)Manu Singh-  11/17/2012
RVing Fulltime Jewelry Artist 4DIYJONATHAN-  11/13/2012
### Halloween scary night - Wed. 31th Oct. 2012 ###Ottavia Kunz-  10/28/2012
### Halloween scary night - Wed. 31th Oct. 2012 ###Ottavia Kunz-  10/25/2012
### Halloween scary night ### Wednesday 31th october 2012 ###Ottavia Kunz-  10/24/2012
Hot Air Balloons & Outdoor fun - Albuquerque, New Mexico Couch Crash (October 4-7)ASALI M.-  09/12/2012
Marathon HostersTERAMOBILE-  08/07/2012
Help needed to continue free art workshops in NepalBelinda Swank-  07/18/2012
cs frnds friday meet.Manoj Gupta-  07/07/2012
anyone in Madrit from 2 of JuneMUNIAX-  05/09/2012
Anybody want to join me on a trip to Nepal to do art with children in the rural areas.Belinda Swank2  05/06/2012
looking for travel partner to mumbaiNimesh Shah-  04/16/2012
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