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Vienna language exchange


this new group is for people interested in language exchange in Vienna. German - English, English - Spanish, Spanish - German etc.....

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Felix Felice Felix Felice moderator Para no perder mi español / pour pratiquer français 01/28/2009
Eli Hafner Eli Hafner moderator help to organize the meetings 08/28/2009
Carlos GomezCarlos Gomez moderator 12/23/2007
Attila KerteszAttila Kertesz moderator language exchange 07/06/2009
ANNA_MAGDALENAANNA_MAGDALENA I want to improve my English, Spanish and maybe Portuguese :) 09/09/2012
Chris CChris C Learn German 10/09/2012
Bernhard LutzerBernhard Lutzer I want to learn new languages 06/23/2013
MIAUUAIMMIAUUAIM i like languages :) 10/09/2012


Egyptian Arabic - English11
French - Francés - Francês - Französisch - Français - Francese400434
German Sprachklub in Wien302182
Italian - Italiano - Italiano - Italienisch - Italien - Italiano150152
Portuguese - Portugués - Português - Portugiesisch - Portugais - Portoghese94151
Spanish - Español - Espanhol - Spanisch - Espagnol - Spagnolo437452
Vienna language exchange2-


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Poll: my spanish for your GermanCESARADAN.MENDEZFUENTES1  01/21/2013
Poll: German language studieshanna-agarunov2  01/14/2013

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Indonesian & Honduran want learn GermanMega Fransisca-  04/17/2014
My spanish from Spain for your GermanMario Potente10  04/15/2014
Tandem espanol-alemanMarcel Becker1  04/15/2014
My Italian/English for SpanishMarekiaro_17-  04/14/2014
Tandem francais-allemandMarcel Becker-  04/12/2014
My Native English for your GermanMegan Pristash3  04/12/2014
Tandem portugues-alemaoMarcel Becker-  04/12/2014
Tandem français-allemandOliver Schwab-  04/07/2014
Japanese, French or british English for German, Greek and maybe some English.Teresa Angel-  04/06/2014
My Bulgarian or English for your GermanLidia Ivanova-  04/06/2014
Looking for a Dutch tandem partner - offering GermanNicole Hoh-  04/02/2014
SPANISH FOR ENGLISH?Enrique Thompson1  04/02/2014
My Spanish (Latin American) for your German (Austrian)creativejuices5  03/30/2014
Couch in ViennaBasim S-  03/25/2014
Slovenian for english/german…whatever!Kari Wiggen-  03/25/2014
wanted: arabic speakerMaria Moser1  03/22/2014
My persian or English for GermanMona Rad1  03/14/2014
My Serbian or English for your German or HungarianNevena Gajevic1  03/10/2014
My Czech for your GermanZdenek Muzik-  03/10/2014
Busco tandem para Español - Alemán o Chino (novatos) [Soy austriaca!]BabC271  03/10/2014
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