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Vienna language exchange


this new group is for people interested in language exchange in Vienna. German - English, English - Spanish, Spanish - German etc.....

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Felix Felice Felix Felice moderator Para no perder mi español / pour pratiquer français 01/28/2009
Eli Hafner Eli Hafner moderator help to organize the meetings 08/28/2009
Carlos GomezCarlos Gomez moderator 12/23/2007
Attila KerteszAttila Kertesz moderator language exchange 07/06/2009
Kari Wiggen Kari Wiggen Deustch sprechen! 06/15/2013
Saransh SehgalSaransh Sehgal poor in German. 02/19/2012
Ivonne HabibtikIvonne Habibtik 03/12/2011
Marekiaro_17Marekiaro_17 i want to learn polish 10/17/2012


Egyptian Arabic - English11
French - Francés - Francês - Französisch - Français - Francese402436
German Sprachklub in Wien301182
Italian - Italiano - Italiano - Italienisch - Italien - Italiano150152
Portuguese - Portugués - Português - Portugiesisch - Portugais - Portoghese94151
Spanish - Español - Espanhol - Spanisch - Espagnol - Spagnolo437452
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Poll: my spanish for your GermanCESARADAN.MENDEZFUENTES1  01/21/2013
Poll: German language studieshanna-agarunov2  01/14/2013

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My Russian for your GermanLena Galytska-  04/08/2013
My DUTCH/German/English for your Spanish.ASTRIDVB1  04/06/2013
Polski wieczór - 7. kwietnia (7th April - Polish meeting)peterhu-  04/04/2013
my native argentinian spanish for your germanmaules-  04/04/2013
italian teacher needed, paymentNatalia Dali-  04/03/2013
Next Dutch Meeting on Monday, April 8 at KänguruhBROKKOLI-  04/03/2013
My Russian, Buryat or English for your Deutsch :)Aryuna Dorzhieva-  04/01/2013
My native French for your native German or EnglishMaegan Pinschof1  03/29/2013
Native English (American) for German ( I am A2 level)Nicole Manning2  03/29/2013
My German/English/French for your Hebrew!Ellen Frisch-  03/25/2013
My french (or english) for your germanMarie Prétot1  03/24/2013
Next Dutch Meeting on Monday, March 18th at KänguruhBROKKOLI2  03/23/2013
We are two friends who need two couches :)Bedirhan Basak-  03/21/2013
chinese - german - englishbirdlike1  03/20/2013
Egyptian Arabic for your German/EnglishHussein Fahmy-  03/20/2013
my learnt German ( University ) or Turkish (mother language) for your native English.dabulyu2  03/19/2013
Spanish Conversation-TableUlli Mausal4  03/19/2013
My German for your FrenchBarbara Fussi1  03/19/2013