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Despite the high level of sophistication that our society achieved, local information tends to be scarce when Human Rights are at stake.

The high number of nationalities represented in the CS Network, together with the high average qualifications of its members, make the CS Network a very good way of helping to support Human Rights worldwide.

In the spirit of the couchsurfing project is the deep trust in human nature, which makes us natural Human Rights Watchers...

...so it is suggested that you join the Group.

Please use the forum to:
- denounce situations of non-incidental HR abuse;
- discuss ways of avoiding recurrent HR abuses.

And feel free to suggest any other theme related to HRW.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human Rights Watch

Genocide Intervention Network

United Nations

Human Rights Education links:

Situation in Sudan:
United Nations Operation: http://www.unmis.org/

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