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Aren't you also tired of Microsoft? Is your windows not running again? Do you like the idea of open-source? Then this is your group...

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Created: Jun 8, 2005
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marcel Sauermannmarcel Sauermann 12/30/2012
MU-INMU-IN OSS: not the future, it's about the present 07/22/2010
Hugo RibeiroHugo Ribeiro Ubuntu 05/08/2011
Hermann Kerr Hermann Kerr Long time Linux user/hacker/supporter 04/03/2013
Alberto Zugno Alberto Zugno 03/18/2013
Bharath KumarBharath Kumar traveling + open source - interesting combination 09/14/2011
Spider TaraSpider Tara Open source junkie 02/28/2009


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iTunes to linuxAdam Tull-  07/16/2013
what distributions does everyone use?T Greco241  01/18/2013
Anyone else having trouble with Chromium and the CS website?Sprintio4  11/07/2012
what desktop to useMARDHUIN6  07/09/2012
Looking for pals to learn Node.js together [Saint-Petersburg, Russia]Nickolai Leshchev-  12/14/2011
Ras Tilo's new album "Creative Commons"Vincent Rateau-  11/29/2011
Free Software vs Open Source.Adrien Martel10  11/07/2011
If the open-source philosophy means something to you...Uncle Franek12  09/25/2011
Help in patch intallationJulio Zacatzi3  07/08/2011
the difference between...Julio Zacatzi1  05/04/2011
Marketing this groupJeffrey Rust-  03/25/2011
Anyone wants to help a newbie?Urs Kleinert5  02/20/2011
Very slow browsing, normal download on Ubuntu 10.04Orestis Padouvas-  01/27/2011
Keyboard layoutAttilio Bonicatti4  11/15/2010
Why does Linux drivers work when windows don't?Diamond.London2  10/31/2010
Best Linux LIVE CDDiamond.London1  10/31/2010
Installing Linux Directly to Hard DriveDiamond.London6  10/20/2010
Ubuntu Group in Nagpur/MaharashtraVIJAY PUGALIA2  10/04/2010
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