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Aren't you also tired of Microsoft? Is your windows not running again? Do you like the idea of open-source? Then this is your group...

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Bobo_lost_his_ukuleleBobo_lost_his_ukulele 07/07/2010
Hermann Kerr Hermann Kerr Long time Linux user/hacker/supporter 04/03/2013
Bernard ChardonneauBernard Chardonneau I use Linux as my principal OS since 2002. Before I wrote UNIX-like tools for MS-DOS (starting it in 1989). I also wrote a free software email suite. 02/08/2009
Michal Greksak Michal Greksak I like linux, using linux.. . =) 12/03/2011
MU-INMU-IN OSS: not the future, it's about the present 07/22/2010
dirk Schmidt dirk Schmidt b/c i run linux! 08/26/2008
marcel Sauermannmarcel Sauermann 12/30/2012


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Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre/ International Freeware meetingGOLLIWOG1  05/28/2008
Days of free software in Brussels / Les Journées du logiciel libre à BruxellesQUENENNI-  05/28/2008
Ubuntu 8.4karlangas_nangas6  05/11/2008
LUG in KievQUENENNI-  04/27/2008
Please give your support for PHP!CYRILG2  04/21/2008
How has linux helped CouchSurfing?Faisal Abdullah9  04/02/2008
FOSDEMNicolas Sahlqvist2  02/10/2008
petition against Microsoft OpenXML ISO standardizationERMONNEZZA1  10/05/2007
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