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Jundyork city...welcome...!!!

Located 63 km from the state capital of São Paulo, Jundiaí has about 340,000 inhabitants, spread over an area of 432 square km.
Access to the city is done by Anhanguera, Bandeirantes and Dom Gabriel Paulino Couto, besides the proximity to highways Castelo Branco, Dom Pedro I and Fernão Dias.

The inauguration of a chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Desterro, in the year 1651, marked the beginning of the recognition of the town of Jundiaí.

The name jundiaí in Tupi, means the river of silver catfish .

In the following decades, the city became a strategic railway junction area, which allowed the immigration of English, Spanish and Italians, encouraged by government incentives, they planned to replace the labor-slave.
In the last decades of the nineteenth century, Jundiaí stood out as an important center coffee producer in the state of São Paulo and, from 1890, the city received a large body of Italian immigrants, whose influence began to emerge in perfect harmony with the inhabitants the city.
In the first half of the twentieth century, Jundiaí discovered his industrial vocation, which continues untill today as the city that has one of the largest industrial parks in Latin America.
Jundiai stands currently in the development of cultural, educational, technological and Environmental.

The "Serra do Japi" is one of the few remaining points of the Atlantic Forest still existing in the interior, with a total length of about 350 sq km.
As an area of encounter between the Atlantic Forest with Forest Plateau, the "Serra do Japi" is rich in biodiversity and it is considerede a symbol of the city.

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