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For people living in or near Mitte and those who like hanging out in Mitte.

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Created: Jan 4, 2008
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afinedafined moderator 06/09/2009
Boyeon LeeBoyeon Lee cause I'm living in mitte!! 12/08/2012
Camilla BorgnaCamilla Borgna 03/16/2014
Tanya VTanya V i m here 10/07/2012
Hend Abo Al SaudHend Abo Al Saud I live there 04/09/2014
MARGARITKAMARGARITKA Living in this area 03/01/2013
Maximilian Largo Maximilian Largo I lived and worked here 02/24/2008


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italy this days very spontanic (with my car) anyone?KAJJA-  05/16/2009
Important Notice about changes to the Berlin groupDon Shine-  05/07/2009
Silent Movie Concert at Babylon, May 12th, 8pmClaudia H-  05/03/2009
22.04. - who likes to join me for dinner or a drink?Susanne Mueller1  04/22/2009
Will move to Berlin till May 2009Christoph Wiehle-  02/19/2009
! looking for special working spaces in Berlin !Christoph Wiehle-  12/30/2008
Yoga in Mitte?VIC FLOTANTE7  12/29/2008
Couchsurfing Berlin BlogThomas Hertkorn1  11/12/2008
Beach-Volleyball today in MitteSebastian Dern4  08/17/2008
The karaoke queen is back! karaoke next Sunday at Ronson's.JETSETTER-  08/01/2008
Design Mai 2008Lee Stewart-  04/11/2008
Hi,Maximilian Largo1  02/26/2008
Hi,Maximilian Largo-  02/24/2008
Salsa Dancing at Soda - Sunday Jan 20Paul Vachier-  01/21/2008
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