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Here you can offer or search for carlifts from & to Berlin.

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BRAINSTORMBRAINSTORM moderator 01/15/2008
Aleksandra LechAleksandra Lech 08/24/2011
t.groch t.groch 08/14/2011
Alekaras KaposAlekaras Kapos 02/14/2014
Melanie AmsterdamMelanie Amsterdam offering ride from nld to berlin 10/04/2011
Bruno DiasBruno Dias traveling is life is traveling!=) 02/22/2014
Tanya VTanya V good idea 04/02/2014
Arno Franz Arno Franz got a ride! 02/26/2009


To COP15 from Berlin1-

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Offering a ride from Arnhem(holland/nld) to Berlin, Friday Oct 14Melanie Amsterdam-  10/04/2011
Offering Lift from Berlin Tegel Airport to Dresden 04 October, 2230doc_quincy-  10/03/2011
Carlift from Berlin to Dresden October 02/03doc_quincy-  09/29/2011
Paris to Berlin 29th of september ? or berlin to paris 4th of october ?ISISFR-  09/27/2011
Koeln weekend of 3rd SeptemberKenny Billiau-  08/22/2011
Lift needed from Berlin to Amsterdam 25/26th AugustHardeep Neer-  08/20/2011
A hint to vienna ?Gummy Baer-  08/19/2011
Berlin to A N Y W H E R E !Carolyn A'Hearn2  08/17/2011
Berlin to Dresden 15th of AugustClaire Jay1  08/14/2011
Carlift Berlin to Milan via Nuremberg/Muhnchen/Innsbruck/Verona - 11th AugustLuca Benazzi1  08/07/2011
Friday 5th August. Room for three in my car to Amsterdamleezer1  08/04/2011
REQUEST: Berlin -> Koeln around 19/08Kenny Billiau-  07/31/2011
Berlin to Copenhagen August 3rd?Steve Cummings-  07/29/2011
Driving Berlin to Netherlands on Monday Jul 25MARTUKAS1  07/23/2011
Need a ride to Berlin Monday or TuesdayLisbet Norris-  07/22/2011
Madrid - Berlin before the end of JulyJOSEMADRID1  07/16/2011
Driving Brno to Berlin July 17MARTUKAS-  07/16/2011
DB - schönes wochenende ticket to Harz. 8 euros train ticket! who wants to share?Martina G-  07/15/2011
Need a ride to HamburgTomer Dotan-  07/11/2011
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