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Orimar AcehcOrimar Acehc I like Debian and I use it every day 01/25/2013
Dan JacobsonDan Jacobson I use Debian/experimental 09/03/2009
Luis Uribe Luis Uribe I maintain some packages 03/24/2010
Dave LoyallDave Loyall apt-get install couch 05/02/2009
Gunnar WolfGunnar Wolf I am part of the project since 2003 09/25/2012
David Weinehall David Weinehall I've been a Debian Developer since February 2003. 10/24/2010
per_pedes per_pedes simply the best system regarding open source policies 06/11/2013
Jar Jar BinksJar Jar Binks 09/26/2013


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