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Moscow Polyglots


This group is for
announcements & discussion of multi-language meetings
and events helpful in learning language(s) ;-)
Polyglots Meetings happen in Moscow on a regular basis. Weekly!.
To be more exact: every Sunday.

Nearest mission:
to find a suitable place for regular meetings!

Next step:
to attract more French-speaking and Spanish and other European languages participants! Or Asian, African or Aborigine languages, for that matter!

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Created: Jan 21, 2008
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Alexander AssESSoR VolkovAlexander AssESSoR Volkov moderator 01/21/2008
Anastasia Berseneva Anastasia Berseneva moderator I am studying several languages 12/15/2008
Tista Nayak Tista Nayak moderator 07/14/2008
Ekaterina VilenskayaEkaterina Vilenskaya I like learning languges. English helps me to communicate with the world, Spanish is my favourite, but I´m also interested in French, Portuguese, Italian and German 03/01/2014
Brendan McElmeelBrendan McElmeel I'm moving to Moscow in April and I love languages 02/20/2012
Peter PennPeter Penn i speak......... 07/22/2009
Sergio AlyoshkinSergio Alyoshkin wanna learn as many languages as my brains can 12/04/2008


Italia Mia! - уроки итальянского с носителем языка в Москве6-


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Poll: Polyglot on weekend!ASSESSOR31  10/02/2008

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Flagged postsModerator 1  12/23/2008
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