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The group for sick, bored and stuck-at-work-with-nothing-to-do people of Vienna


This is for everyone with too much time on their hands, a virtual space to meet, exchange stories about being sick/bored and posting entertainment for each other.
The idea for this group was had by Bernd and was inspired by his evil virus and Christine's strep throat bacteria :)

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Created: Jan 22, 2008
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Christine HinterlangChristine Hinterlang moderator 01/22/2008
Bernd JägerBernd Jäger moderator 01/23/2008
Eli Hafner Eli Hafner moderator 01/23/2008
I-GER I-GER 6 years Vienna is enough. 02/28/2011
Sofia HollunderSofia Hollunder get me outta here ! lets do something :D 02/12/2011
Roman SkakotresovicRoman Skakotresovic 03/27/2013
Freya IsegrimFreya Isegrim to be bored is the worst thing ever 12/31/2013
Yuri SchwagerYuri Schwager newbie in Austria, just got married and now mostly stuck at home n do nothing. 07/30/2013


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