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Vienna Movie Nights!!!


Movie Nights!
We all love movies right? I know I do. I used to watch a lot of movies but don't watch as many now. This group is for people who want to meet up to go to the cinema, who feel the urge to have people over to watch a DVD. This is for people who have movies they made themselves to show. If you want to meet up with surfers and watch movies join in. You can post a specific movie you want to see, or a day when you feel like watching movies would be a good idea.(I know, when is it not a good idea, right?)

So whether it be something like the Sound of music night with a few friends, a CS invasion of a cinema, somebody who has a projector with a white wall we can use etc. come in and turn your eyes square.

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vincencvincenc moderator Joining 04/25/2011
Emily Frisk Emily Frisk moderator 01/28/2008
Tomas TichomirovTomas Tichomirov I'd like to meet new friends in Vienna. 03/26/2014
An_a An_a 12/18/2012
Karl Krenn-grabner Karl Krenn-grabner movie-fan 08/18/2010
Ingrid WeissIngrid Weiss 12/19/2013
Reka SzakszonReka Szakszon Films are my passion and little bit of work also. Why not watch them with coach surfers in Vienna? :) 10/13/2011
ute_sute_s 03/26/2014


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