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Meet for coffee in Sydney


For those visiting or living in Sydney who would like to meet for coffee with a well-travelled local.

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Created: Jan 30, 2008
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NomadLynette NomadLynette moderator 02/10/2011
Sophie ViraSophie Vira I live in Sydney and I love coffee 01/02/2014
Laura LandmannLaura Landmann Looking forward to meeting new people 04/03/2014
Lucy BergerLucy Berger just moved to Sydney... 11/16/2013
Vikas Jain Vikas Jain To meet liked minded people and know more about sydney 02/02/2014
Robert JamesRobert James love relaxing at a cafe 02/05/2014
Kate ChanKate Chan New in Sydney for Uni. Hoping to meet new people(: 04/17/2014
STARCOMUNISTA STARCOMUNISTA Take me to your dealer 04/04/2013


Room for rent in Sydney31

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Flagged postsModerator 1  12/07/2010
anyone up for a coffee?MONIKA DOBRZYŃ6  01/15/2014
who fancies the rugby 22.2.14?Steven Bimpson-  01/03/2014
Anyone up for coffee?Trayton Moore4  01/03/2014
hang out for a beer or coffeestefano Zanella-  01/02/2014
One Canadian in a big cityDeborah Olds6  12/28/2013
Bars/disco/club with good music!!Luis De Santiago1  12/25/2013
Sharing a coffee / Birthday on the 29th !Matthieu Pinet-  12/24/2013
Meet new friends in SydneyJoey Lucky-  12/23/2013
Meet up for coffeeRoberto Pinto-  12/23/2013
Does Anyone actually Respond to this group and meet for Coffee ?sean Bridges-  12/19/2013
I'd love to meet nice locals in SydneyYonatan Ben Yaakov-  12/15/2013
Meet for a coffee in MarchYvonne Schratt-  12/09/2013
Anyone else going to see Passenger on 11th Dec?Charlotte Criddle1  12/07/2013
American in Sydney Wanting to Meet New PeopleSlater Goodman2  11/25/2013
Dutchie coming to Sydney soon, wanna meet?Karin van de Plasse1  11/25/2013
Coffee, walk or a bike ride?Vikram Srinivasan1  11/14/2013
Meeting new peopleRoberto Pinto-  09/07/2013
Anyone available on wednesday or thusday to catch up?Maryel Sagols4  08/08/2013
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