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Meet for coffee in Sydney


For those visiting or living in Sydney who would like to meet for coffee with a well-travelled local.

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Created: Jan 30, 2008
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NomadLynette NomadLynette moderator 02/10/2011
Lucy BergerLucy Berger just moved to Sydney... 11/16/2013
Sophie ViraSophie Vira I live in Sydney and I love coffee 01/02/2014
Vikas Jain Vikas Jain To meet liked minded people and know more about sydney 02/02/2014
STARCOMUNISTA STARCOMUNISTA Take me to your dealer 04/04/2013
Kate ChanKate Chan New in Sydney for Uni. Hoping to meet new people(: 04/17/2014
ellielbowellielbow 02/25/2014
Robert JamesRobert James love relaxing at a cafe 02/05/2014


Room for rent in Sydney31

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Flagged postsModerator 1  12/07/2010
Bondi Beach Sunday Sept 9Jad A1  09/08/2012
Coffee or lunch tomorrow? Friday 31 AugustMieke Snijder4  09/01/2012
In Sydney SundayWRONGWAYREBEKAH1  08/30/2012
Picnic @ Bondi - This Saturday!Jacinta Bar1  08/30/2012
Any UX / IA Designers in Sydney?Tiago Marques-  08/30/2012
Friends in sydney!Patricia Norrish5  08/21/2012
Expats in Sydney ?VINCENTHSYDNEY-  07/09/2012
Meetup on Wednesday the 18th of July at 9 pm in the Home Bar (Tokio Hotel)Eugen Reimer-  06/23/2012
Company for me and my wife between June 25th to June 29thFabio Bauer-  06/13/2012
I will be overseas from June to October 2012NomadLynette-  05/16/2012
CS system can't find anybody in Sydney!WANDERLUSTBARBIE1  05/16/2012
Is it still alive ?Karin David-  01/28/2012
Saturday lunch, Thai Intra, Glebe Point Road, GlebeNomadLynette5  12/03/2011
How travel makes you younger, smarter, sexier and more productiveNomadLynette-  06/17/2011
Pot Luck Lunch BalmainNomadLynette1  03/24/2011
Trying to make this group more activeNomadLynette5  03/24/2011
Balmain Film SocietyNomadLynette-  03/23/2011
Welcome to the groupNomadLynette57  03/22/2011
Meeting one on oneNomadLynette-  02/21/2011