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Film Club Berlin [CLOSED]

This group is archived. It can not be used and is here for historical purposes only.


Hi there,

This group is ARCHIVED.

The group is kept here for historial reasons (i.e. there might be some interesting posts buried somewhere in here). Unless there are any requests to the contrary, in 2 months (April 23rd)

We would strongly reccommend the 'replacement' group as somewhere to go for film events in Berlin.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact.


PS. This group is closed as described in my comment at the bottom of this thread. The new group was started up as a reaction to actions of persons that belonged to this group. The matter is regarded as closed, so move along, nothing to see here :)

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Sebastian FaryniarzSebastian Faryniarz moderator Interested in what's on in Berlin 02/26/2008
Kevin WallKevin Wall moderator Interested in film. Live in Berlin. 05/02/2008
Ollie TupmanOllie Tupman moderator 08/09/2008
Mihaela SavinMihaela Savin I love watching movies and I live in Berlin 02/08/2009
NYL2002 NYL2002 11/11/2008
Senor Pay BajosSenor Pay Bajos 02/01/2008
Cecilia AgrestaCecilia Agresta 11/28/2008
Przemek ŚwiderekPrzemek Świderek i drink your blood and i eat your skin:) 02/04/2008


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