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For surfers visiting and hosts in Ireland

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Created: Feb 6, 2008
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NomadLynette NomadLynette moderator 02/06/2008
Jesus X Liano Jesus X Liano I plan to visit Ireland soon. 05/14/2013
PEACEBW PEACEBW visiting ireland is on my "bucket list"..:) 01/09/2011
1SOJOURNALIST1SOJOURNALIST To meet like-minded hosts while in Ireland. 05/13/2013
Yaks Yaks NI Host for mature travellers 02/02/2014
Linda Jordan Linda Jordan You fit my age group quite nicely. 02/14/2013
Connie SnowConnie Snow Planning a walking tour of Ireland this summer 02/25/2013
Ivy Myles Ivy Myles Two US ladies that qualify as over 50 will be in Ireland from June 16 until July 5 of 2013. We would love to use CS but understand the summer request may make that more difficult. If anyone is willing as we do a full circle around the country or have a B& 05/13/2013


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2013, finallyIvy Myles1  06/11/2013
Hello! Anyone out there from Killarney, Ireland!Suzanne Reed2  02/14/2013
I wanna go!Kátia Mello-  10/02/2011
Killarney, Sept 15- Oct 4th, 2012.Suzanne Reed1  08/30/2011
Would anyone like to Host meN56Des-  01/17/2011
roundtrip IrelandWinfried Deijmann-  07/15/2008
getting from Dublin to KillarneyIda Sikorski-  05/12/2008