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Toronto Mint-flavoured dental floss enthusiasts


This group is for the enthusiastic discussion of mint flavoured dental floss by those individuals who have some connection with Toronto whether it be through domicile, visitation, conscription or otherwise but remember you have to be REALLY enthusiastic about dental floss in here OR ELSE! That is rule number 1! (see below)

#1: Be REALLY enthusiastic about dental floss in here OR ELSE!

#2: Make a LOT of subgroups which vaguely have something to do with dental floss or something OR ELSE!

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Created: Feb 8, 2008
Type: Public

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ROB_KROB_K moderator Mint-flavoured dental floss enthusiast 02/08/2008
Andrew GardnerAndrew Gardner moderator There's some freaky stuff going on here, man - and I want in. 09/10/2008
Vinh Pham Vinh Pham Conscripted 09/18/2008
BATMANBATMAN three out of four doctors recommend dentists 02/08/2008
Amir Nosrat Amir Nosrat I love floss and I live in Toronto. 06/08/2012
OSCIMON OSCIMON Mint-flavoured dental Floss! Gimme! Gimme! I Need! I Need! 04/27/2008
Susan YuSusan Yu i love dental floss, especially of the mint variety. 03/10/2010
Desmond  RodriguesDesmond Rodrigues curiousity 03/25/2011


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What will this group be known as? The name must be unique.3-
What will this group be known as? The name must be unique.3-


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