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How to Go to Kutahya
By bus

Kutahya is well connected by bus. Buses leave almost every 45 minutes for Istanbul (six hours) and Bursa (three hours). More than a dozen buses depart daily for Ankara (five hours) from where easy connections are available to points in Eastern Turkey. There are several buses daily to Antalya (eight hours) with connections to points along the coast.

By train

As Kutahya is situated in an ideally central location of Turkish rail network, there are daily train connections from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Konya, and a number of other cities.

By Plane

Plane is not a usual way to get to Kutahya. But a good option for some people. Since Kutahya doesn't have an airport, the closest airport you can use is Eskisehir Anadolu University Airport. You can fly to Eskişehir only from Istanbul Ataturk Airport(45 minutes). In the summer, some charter companies also lands to Eskişehir airport.

For instance, if you want to come Kutahya from Budapest, buy your ticket like Budapest-Istanbul, Istanbul- Eskisehir. After arriving Eskisehir, simply take a taxi in the airport and say taxi driver to drive you bus station(Otogar). Then take a bus to Kutahya(1 hours 15mins).

Approximate Distances & Travel Times to other Cities
Distances & Travel Times

Afyon: 97 km (60 miles) S, 1.75 hours

Ankara: 310 km (193 miles) E, 5 hours

Bursa: 178 km (111 miles) N, 2.75 hours

Çavdarhisar (Aizanoi): 60 km (37 miles) S, 1 hour

Egirdir: 268 km (167 miles) S, 4 hours

Eskisehir: 78 km (49 miles) NE, 1.15 hours

Isparta: 242 km (150 miles) S, 3.75 hours

Istanbul: 360 km (224 miles) N, 6 hours by road; or 233 km (145 miles) N, 3.75 hours to Yalova, plus 1 hour via ferry

Izmir: 334 km (208 miles) W, 5 hours

Konya: 320 km ( 200 miles) SE, 5 hours

Pamukkale: 314 km (195 miles) S, 5 hours

Usak: 144 km (90 miles) SW, 2.5 hours

Yalova: 233 km (145 miles) N, 3.75 hours

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