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Thee K-Town Karaoke Krew


Welcome to Thee K-Town Karaoke Krew! What we do is best described by how we do. We pick a night that works for us all to come out, grab a few drinks and a microphone, and belt out as many of your favorite songs as your throat (or our ears) can take.

Members: 51
Created: Feb 13, 2008
Type: Public

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R_Y_D_E_RR_Y_D_E_R moderator 02/13/2008
Miri RegevMiri Regev you so know I'm there! 02/12/2008
JAROCHA JAROCHA noraebong at its finest expression, where else? K-Town of course! 02/14/2008
AlckieAlckie I love singing! 03/23/2013
Michele GravinaMichele Gravina love Karaoke :) 09/07/2013
TANGERINE GAL TANGERINE GAL Ryder, not the best photo of you....you look a bit orange 02/15/2008
DANIEL_in_LADANIEL_in_LA I LOVE K-Town Karaoke. I'm Korean! Its in my blood!!! 10/16/2013
April Castaneda April Castaneda I live in ktown and am a karaoke junkie 11/09/2009